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BF-3-1 Clione

While swimming, this fish looks like it is waving small wings. Thus, the Clione is called the "Angel of Drift Ice". It is a genus of sea snail without a shell and because of that, it is also called "Hadaka-Kamegai" in Japanese. The entire body is translucent, and the red area in the middle of its body contains digestive organs.
The Clione lives in low temperature water, such as the Arctic Ocean, the Antarctic Ocean and the Bering Sea, and comes to the Sea of Okhotsk in winter when the drift ice is formed. The Clione eats Mijinukimaimai, which is the same genus of sea snail. When Clione eats, its head splits into two, and it stretches its six tentacles to catch food. It sounds a bit scary, doesn't it?
The Clione is a strange creature which disappears along with drift ice from the Abashiri coastline in the springtime.